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Sorry for such the long wait for this one. This game is long. Before I make a movie out of any game, I need to play it for myself first. Play it without worrying about my "acting" or "directing" as it were, as I specifically play games certain ways when I make these movies, to try to improve the movie experience as much as possible. This game took me over 60 hours to complete the main story, and 80 hours to get 100%. Why? Well, for one, I don't like to use fast travel in these games. It sort of feels like cheating. Allowing myself to sail the open seas also brought some of the best gameplay I've ever played, so I'm glad I chose not to fast travel. Furthermore, every time I visited a location, I searched for all the collectables at that location as well, so I would take less time in end game searching for that stuff.

Once I finished with 100% and all single player trophies, I started over and started working on my movie. For this, I disabled all HUD elements (as much as possible) and didn't bother collecting any collectables, but I till didn't use any fast travel, as I thought it was important to have sea footage available if necessary for editing. In the end I captured over 24 hours of footage. In many cases I tried to stick to the optional objectives, but not always, for example, if they were out of my way. I used visual effects to remove some of the unwanted on screen popups, such as the "saving..." logo wherever possible (it's not always possible due to what else is happening on screen) as well as a few other things in order to improve the overall cinematic experience, to get it as close to a movie as possible.

I considered cutting the modern day segments as the story doesn't progress much and the first person perspective somewhat detracts from the experience, as well as the historical story might have flowed better without them, but I was worried that what happens in this modern story may be important for AC5, so I kept it in just in case, although I did edit it down significantly.

This is the PS4 version, captured at full 1080p, 30fps.

As for future projects, I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing next. The good news is I have graduated college, and my job is only two days a week, so I should have much more free time to work on future projects, unlike the last year or so.

One game in particular I feel deserves a movie is Beyond: Two Souls. I also received Batman: Arkham Origins. I don't know yet whether I will make a movie from that or not, but if the story is good enough, I'll definitely consider it. Another game I'm definitely making into a movie is Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, which comes out next week. I think I'm going to play Arkham Origins as well as a couple other games I've been delaying before I decide what to do next. As for future PS4 games, Infamous Second Son looks promising, and maybe Watch Dogs depending on how well the story is told, and obviously Uncharted 4 was announced a couple months ago, so that is my #1 most anticipated game on PS4 and will absolutely get a movie made from it. I may also get MGS5, but I want to buy the Legacy Collection first, since I haven't played any of those. I've heard those may have movie potential as well, so we'll see about that.

Thanks for your patience. I try hard to make my movies the best movie experience possible for people, whether they play video games or not.

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